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Our goal is simple: to maximize energy efficiency and eliminate energy waste in the commercial and industrial environment. This will result in reduced demand for electricity, which will benefit both our customers and the environment.

NESI will accomplish this while providing valuable cost effective results for our customers, who are as committed to intelligent energy efficiency strategies as we are.

These solutions are proven to provide cost effective results that support the capital investment improvement; returns on investment any chief financial officer would find acceptable.

NESI will recommend and implement solutions employing only superior products and the best technology available to accomplish this mission for our customers who are located throughout the United States in every industry in various sized facilities.

NESI is committed to providing safe career employment for our employees.

Smart Engineering is a priority. Information obtained by the onsite audit allows us to design a specific smart lighting system for the exact function being performed in each area of the facility.
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Commercial - Industrial Benefits
- 10% or more realized in monthly savings
- 5-year warranty
- Investment return (36 months or less)
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Business owners can count on NESI to help them reduce or eliminate their facility’s electric bill with a commercial solar electric system.
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Commercial & Industrial
Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions
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